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The Total Laundry Solution Process

We are a team of professionals committed to helping facilities in the Midwest region run smoothly and save money. We provide facilities with high-quality products and a comprehensive, fully customized Total Laundry Solution.

With hassle-free, low-cost changes, our Total Laundry Solution targets the inefficiencies in your in-house laundering system to slash costs.

We take care of it all

Schedule a no-cost, in-house evaluation with Pristine Experts to pinpoint where you’re losing money! We correct every inefficiency in your system, from staff habits to product lineup, and program and install chemical dispensers designed exclusively for your facility.

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person washing plates in a restaurant's kitchen

Dietary Chemicals

At Pristine Chemical, our mission is to provide your restaurants with a wide range of food-safe chemicals that guarantee clean and sanitary plates, utensils, and amenities, prioritizing the health and safety of your valued patrons. Count on us for top-quality cleaning solutions that consistently deliver unbeatable results, ensuring pristine conditions for your establishment day after day.

Keep your restaurant amenities in pristine condition for healthy and happy customers

Janitorial Supplies Fulfillment

Warehouse shelves, where cleaning supplies are stored

Chemicals & Cleaners

Pristine Chemical’s service fulfillment ensures your business never runs low on cleaners and chemicals. We cater to all industries to ensure the utmost cleanliness. With Pristine, you’ll always be well-stocked and focused on providing a clean work environment.

Cleaning cart stocked with equipment necessary for any business' janitorial staff.

Equipment & Accessories

Pristine Chemical ensures your business is always ready with our service fulfillment. We stock you for your needs with quality cleaning equipment and accessories. This keeps your staff focused on their tasks, eliminating the need for last-minute supply runs. 

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We Serve Your Industry

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Hospitality Industry

Enhance your guests’ experience with our superior chemical solutions. Ensure pristine cleanliness of sheets, towels, and everything in between daily. Our services promise a great stay for every hotel guest!

commercial office

Commercial Offices

Keep supplies stocked with Pristine to guarantee our employees a clean space to work. Our products keep desks, floors, and other high-touch surfaces germ-free, promoting a healthy work environment for all!

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Healthcare & Nursing Homes

Ensure utmost hygiene in your healthcare facility with our top-notch chemical solutions. Return your sheets to pristine condition and combat diseases to safeguard patients and staff!

residential apartment lobby

Residential & Multi-Family

Elevate apartment living with pristine cleanliness. Our expert products ensure that hallways and other shared spaces remain inviting and hygienic for residents to boost their well-being and comfort!

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