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The Pristine Chemical Total Laundry Solution Process corrects every inefficiency in your system, from staff habits to product lineup. The results? Cleaner, brighter linens on the first wash and, longer term, more cost-effective operations.

Our team of experienced technicians will program and install chemical dispensers designed exclusively for your commercial laundry facility and offer long-term maintenance.

Effective, efficient, and cost-saving

What makes our commercial laundry solutions different? We make things hassle-free for you as well as target the inefficiencies of in-house laundering systems to help you slash costs. Higher quality services that save your budget? That’s our goal.

Expect the best

  • Brighter and better-smelling clothes on the first wash
  • Delivery and installation is lightning-fast
  • Save on labor, utilities, and laundry maintenance
  • Get expert support from our team

The Total Laundry Solution Process

  1. The service begins with a no-obligation in-house evaluation.
  2. We analyze the results of the evaluation to customize a plan for your needs.
  3. Pristine staff will go on-site to program and install chemical dispensers.
  4. After installation, we offer long-term maintenance and troubleshooting to keep things running smoothly.

Pristine Chemical offers a fast and easy solution to make your laundry chemicals work for you!

Neat and Easy Installation for hassle-free maintenance


Unclear tubing causes confusion when maintaining and changing chemical buckets, which can lead to leaks and cause problems with your laundry.


With Pristine’s Total Laundry Solution, we implement recognizable tubing to chemical buckets, eliminating confusion and preventing costly mistakes.


What Our Customers Say

“We have had Pristine chemical for 1.5 years here, providing monitoring of our laundry stats monthly and making sure our chemicals are well balanced. They have provided fantastic service, as well as a personal commitment helping to keep our infection rates down to almost zero. Our Pristine representatives have went above and beyond.  Would highly recommend Pristine for your chemical needs.”

Director of Environmental Services at a City Hospital in Wooster, Ohio

“Our clothes are brighter and smell better, and Pristine gives us a quick delivery turnaround.”
Director of Housekeeping at a Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Conneaut, OH

“The Booster Plus makes the clothes so much whiter. We love the new setup.”
Administrator of a Nursing & Rehab Center in Orwell, OH

Pristinely clean sheets coming out of laundry machine

The Bottom Line

Linens need to come out fresh the first time. Once a piece of linen goes through the cycle and comes out less bright or doesn’t smell sanitized, it will never be good as new. This solution ensures brighter and better smelling linen the first time, saving money on all fronts.

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